The Dangers of Indoor Air Pollution

Take a deep breath – do you feel the toxins, pollutants, and dirt that exist in the indoor air of your home? Probably not, but they exist.

In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency released a statement that “indoor air pollution is one of our biggest environmental health threats … bigger than toxic wastes sites and the destruction of the ozone layer.”

Because people spend 90% of their time indoors, it’s important to maintain a clean air system throughout your entire home. You wouldn’t subject your family to toxins and pollutants that you can touch and feel – why should the air in your home be any different?

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Air Conditioning Acting Up? Try These Tips Before Calling for Service!

1. Check your thermostat:

  •  Make sure your thermostat is set to cool
  •  Make sure your thermostat is in manual mode, not programmable
  •  Set temperature down 5 degrees below room temperature to see if unit comes on

2.  Is your Indoor or Outdoor unit running?

  • Do you hear a buzz by the unit?
  • Make sure you have power to the unit, check electrical box for blown fuse/tripped breaker

3. Not enough air blowing through registers:

  • Check air filter near the furnace
  • If dirty, remove and replace
  • Pleated 1” filters fill quickly and need to be replaced more often than 1” fiberglass filters

4. Inadequate cooling:

  • Check outdoor unit for dirt or pollen covering unit
  • Remove any debris (i.e. plants, tall grass, etc.) around the outdoor unit
  • Use garden hose to clean any debris off the unit

5. Water around the furnace?

  • Is the condensate pump plugged in?
  • Is the pump running? Overflowing?

6. AC still not working properly??


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