4 Tips for AC Maintenance

When you own a home, it’s important to understand how to maintain your most important investments, including your air-conditioning system. In fact, the best time to service your system is before it’s actually needed. During the spring, routine Air Conditioning maintenance is most important as your air-conditioning system will be working overtime to keep your home cool in the upcoming months. Keeping up routine maintenance, could be the difference between relaxing in cool comfort and sweating a costly breakdown. Read more »

How to Keep Your Indoor Air Fresh During the Colder Months

Keeping your Air Fresh in the Winter MonthsThe winter is all about staying cozy indoors while the snow and frigid temps continue to wreak havoc outside of your window. We do our best to keep our homes tightly closed to keep the cool air out.

However, in our efforts to keep the warm air in, we begin to feel the effects of dry and stale air during the winter season.

Unlike cooking odors, many contaminants are odorless and go undetected by the human nose yet are affecting your indoor air quality. We readily adapt to smells, so your nose isn’t a very reliable indicator of indoor air quality. Read more »

September Radio Spot

Listen to: High Effencincy Furnace – Radio Spot

With energy prices so High there is no better time to install a new high efficiency furnace, Right now save with a new Lenox or train system for as low as $2495, best of all every furnace we sell comes with our exclusive free 5 year parts and labor warranty.

Not ready for a new furnace it is time to get your exciting system cleaned and serviced before another cold winter. You’ll save the most energy and avoid costly services calls later, by maintain your system now.