Benefits of a Tankless Hot Water Heater

Hot Water Heater, Plumbing, Houston, TXDid you know that hot water heaters are one of the top five appliances that use the most energy in your home? For those in the Northeast region of the U.S., a standard 50-gallon electric hot water heater typically costs as much as $800 per year to run. The biggest issue with tank-style hot water heaters is that they use a lot of energy to keep water heated, even when you’re not using it. This can literally add up to hundreds of wasted dollars each year.

Fortunately, there is an alternative – tankless hot water heaters. Tankless hot water heaters are a great solution for replacing costly tank-style heaters because they heat water without using a storage tank, which helps to avoid standby heat loss. (Standby loss is the energy wasted to maintain a specific temperature within the tank). The basic premise behind a tankless heater is that it only heats water when you need it, which can save you 30% or more on your energy bills.

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The importance of sewer line inspections before buying a home

Everyone knows that a critical step in buying a home is the home inspection. However, very few people realize the importance of also asking for a sewer line inspection – especially for older homes. Sewer line replacement is a costly endeavor. In fact, the average price of installing a new sewer line  runs anywhere from $5,000  up to $15,000 or more.  Taking the time to work with a reputable plumbing company to conduct a sewer line inspection before you buy a home can save you headaches and a significant amount of money if the inspection indicates the need for replacement.

Perhaps the most common problems affecting sewer lines is when tree roots grow into the lines. Tree roots get into tiny openings within pipes and expand in the sewer line. These roots affix themselves to debris that flows through your pipes, which then results in a sewage build up and often a back up of into your home.  Tree roots can damage your pipes and require a costly excavation to fix the problem.

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Advantages of copper re-piping

As you likely know, there is a variety of types of piping materials used for plumbing, each with their own distinct advantages and disadvantages. However, for over 70 years at Plumbing & Heating in Houston, TX, copper piping has been and continues to be the material of choice for plumbing, with more than 80 percent of new homes being built with copper piping. In fact, based on industry studies it is estimated that 94% of professional plumbers use copper piping over other plumbing materials in homes, offices, condominiums, apartments and others. Below are just a few of the advantages of using copper piping for plumbing:

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The Importance of Your HVAC Coil Cleaning

Dramatically reduce the downtime of your HVAC system with routine coil cleaning. How so? An air-conditioning system operating with dirty coils can use up to 37% more energy than a system that operates with clean coils. The cooling capacity of a system without clean coils is also reduced by up to 30%.  It’s important to include coil cleaning as part of routine HVAC maintenance.  If your AC unit requires less energy to operate, it will save you money on energy bills, increase the life of your HVAC system and give you a higher return on investment.

Why Is Coil Cleaning Important?

HVAC coil cleaning is also particularly important to maintain proper air-quality. Mold and bacteria may accumulate inside the system that must be physically removed.

The air contains dirt, dust, moisture, pollen, and a myriad of contaminants. These dirty, grimy toxins are absorbed by the coils as air flows through it. As a result, the coils becoming a breeding ground for bacteria and mold which can greatly threaten the indoor air quality in addition to  making the unit less efficient.

A dirty coil can also reduce air flow causing a change in the coil temperature. This change may cause damage in the compressor.

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