Programmable Thermostats – Save 10%-15% on your Heating & Air Conditioning Bills

In today’s economy, every dollar counts – especially when it comes to the rising cost of energy. Did you know that programmable thermostats are one of the most reliable energy savers available? With the high temperatures that are often synonymous with summer a small investment in this type of device makes perfect sense.

A programmable thermostat is designed to adjust your home’s temperature automatically to save energy when your family is sleeping or away from home. If used appropriately, a programmable thermostat can save you up to 10% – 15% on heating and cooling costs by simply adjusting your thermostat 10°–15° (plus or minus) for eight hours. Read more »

How to Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning in your Home

Risk of carbon monoxide poisoning increases during the winter and stormier seasons as use of gas furnaces and generators increases dramatically. Although you cannot see or smell carbon monoxide, it is responsible for more deaths than any other poison. This colorless, odorless poison is dangerous at any level including low levels which can get a person very sick, moderate levels can result in permanent neurological dysfunctions, or worse at high levels carbon monoxide may result in death.

Carbon monoxide poisoning can result whenever any fuel such as gas, kerosene, oil, wood, or charcoal is burned. The amount of carbon monoxide emitted from appliances that burn fuel yet are maintained and used properly is typically not hazardous. However, if appliances are either used incorrectly or not working properly, then dangerous levels of carbon monoxide can result. In fact, literally hundreds of accidental deaths are caused every year from carbon monoxide poisoning that results from malfunctioning or improperly used fuel-burning appliances.

Below are a few tips on how you can protect your family and yourself from carbon monoxide poisoning:
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Leaky Air Duct Dangers

With summer quickly approaching, Texas homeowners are getting ready for the hot days ahead and thinking about the rising costs of air conditioning bills. However, before the hot months are upon us, it’s a good idea to evaluate your current air conditioner system to make sure you don’t have leaky ducts. Read more »

How Central Air Conditioning can help asthma sufferers

With summer quickly approaching, which means high temperatures and humidity, for some; central air conditioning is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. Many people don’t realize that central air conditioning can promote a healthier environment – especially for those suffering with asthma.

Asthma is often triggered by inhalation of air particles that contain allergens such as pollen, mold spores, dust mite droppings and animal dander. Unfortunately, breathing in these particles is often unavoidable. The good news is that air conditioners contain filters that collect and store these particles, keeping our intake to minimum. Air conditioning filters easily remove the majority of these allergens as well as fine pet hair from the air, helping to relieve asthma symptoms. Central air conditioning also helps eliminate humidity which enables mold and algae to grow much more rapidly then it could if it were living in dry air. Read more »