Furnace Repairs? Houston,NY…Winter is Here!

Whether we’re ready or not Texasers, winter is here. Temperatures have dropped dramatically and the nights are getting significantly colder. If you haven’t already done so, now is the time to inspect your furnace and heating system and make any necessary repairs to ensure your furnace is running in top-notch condition.

With the rising costs of utilities, few people know that you can cut over 20% from your heating bills this winter by simply cleaning or replacing your furnace filter and calling in a reputable, local Texas heating professional for seasonal furnace maintenance. Let’s look at the facts: You are 70% more likely to need Read more »

Frozen Water Pipes-Expensive Winter Plumbing Bill

Avoid frozen water pipes this winter.  Protect your water pipes. According to the Farmer’s Almanac, they have predicted that this winter is expected to be one of our coldest on record. While that may not seem like big news to many Texasers, these recent frigid temperatures can wreak havoc on a variety of things around the home – especially your plumbing and the risk of freezing water pipes.

Plumbing 101 will tell you that as water freezes it expands. Therefore it is extremely important to protect your pipes during extreme temperatures in order to prevent them from breaking or bursting. Water pipes found in unheated areas of your home are susceptible to freezing which can lead to flood damage and expensive plumbing bills. Fortunately, the good news is there are simple, preventative measure (recommended by certified plumbers) you can take to avoid the costly expenses associated with frozen water pipes.

A few precautions you can make to preemptively protect your plumbing particularly when you know you will not be near your house to notice broken pipes, include: Read more »